Covid Policies

It is important to us that you understand what the experience at our home is like, and that you will be comfortable with that experience. So please read through all the pages under “What to Expect Here.” Then read through the policies we are putting in place to minimize the risk of anyone getting Covid-19 while here at our home. If you are not comfortable with these policies and expectations, then you should probably make other arrangements.

So here are our expectations of you, the hiker:

Everyone who stays with us (hikers and volunteers) must be fully vaccinated and boosted.  You will need to send us a photo of your documentation that shows you have received all the appropriate shots.

Please respect each person’s need for social distance to the extent possible, especially if you are not wearing a mask.

Stay outside the house except when you are using the toilet or showering. (Showers are available only to international hikers staying 2 nights.)  When you come inside to use the bathroom, you must wear a mask.  This should be an N95 or KN95 mask that is worn properly to cover the nose and mouth.  (There will also be an outdoor toilet and sinks available.)

Masks are not required outdoors or while in the open garage.

Use hand sanitizer (provided by us) before the communal meals, dinner and breakfast. 

We have neighbors, so please keep your voice low and be quiet in the mornings before 7:00 am.  We will serve breakfast outside and don’t want to irritate our very tolerant neighbors.

Please wear a mask (N95 or KN95) when you are in a car driven by us or one of our volunteers. 

We will have N95/KN95 masks available for hikers who do not have one.