Fuel:  We have canister fuel available for purchase at our cost, in two sizes.  Evidently fuel canisters are difficult to find, but we hope to be able to provide them for the month that we are hosting.  We’ve included a question on our sign-up form, to help us plan how many canisters we will need to purchase.

Use of alcohol stoves on the PCT is strongly discouraged due to the risk of wildfires.  Some areas of the trail have bans on alcohol stoves.  We do not have alcohol available.

Packages:  If you want to have gear shipped here, or you are shipping it to us yourself, that’s fine. We store packages in our garage.  Please don’t send us an email asking us if it’s okay; it is.  (With over 400 hikers expected, it takes a lot of time replying to emails.  That’s why we made this website.)

Please make sure your package has both YOUR name and OUR name on the outside.  When we get packages without a hiker name, we have problems.

Your Name
c/o The Manns
6351 Wellesly Ct
San Diego, CA 92122

If you need our phone number for shipping, use 619-987-0289.

If you have a major piece of gear shipped to our home and you aren’t provided with a tracking number to know when it arrives, you may email us ( after the expected arrival date to check that it is here.

Shipping:  If you want to send packages from here, we have packaging materials available.  These include flat-rate postal boxes, packing tape, labels, and ziplock bags of various sizes.  There is a Post Office nearby.

We do not function as a resupply service; do not ask us to send out packages for you while you are hiking.