Departing to PCT trailhead

Each morning we will drive hikers to the trail.  When you sign up with us, our google form asks for your start date. Please plan to start on your permit date.

When you wake in the morning, pack up completely.  Please try to be considerate of our neighbors and of other hikers who are not heading out that morning (international hikers may stay two nights).

Once you are all packed and ready to go, put your pack on the front deck and then quietly help yourself to breakfast (served in the backyard) starting at 5:30 am.

Starting at 5:50 we load up the cars. Please do this quietly, for the sake of our neighbors.  We have many friends and PCT supporters who help out with driving.  All of our volunteer drivers are fully vaccinated and you will be expected to willingly wear your N95/KN95 mask over your nose and mouth while you are in one of their cars.

The drive to the southern terminus takes a bit over an hour. Once there, we like to take a group photo and we’re happy to help with other photos. Then we wish you a great hike and send you on your way!