We have not yet decided whether we will host in 2023!

We did not host hikers in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the spring of 2022 we did host PCT hikers, but fewer at a time and with new procedures in place to minimize disease transmission. If we host in 2023, we will follow those same procedures. We are still considering whether to host in 2023 and we will post our decision here in early January.

International Hikers: If you need to use our address on your visa application, that’s no problem. It is: Barney and Sandy Mann, 6351 Wellesly Ct, San Diego, CA 92122,  telephone (Frodo) 858-449-9799.  If you use our address, please email us at sandiegopct@gmail.com to let us know.

Obviously the following information holds true only if we do decide to host in 2023:

We host Pacific Crest Trail hikers before their permit start date – U.S. hikers for one night and international hikers for up to two nights.  We provide hikers a place to sleep, feed them home-cooked meals, and drive them to the southern terminus of the PCT early in the morning. Many PCT supporters volunteer time to help us.  In 2019 we hosted over 1200 hikers.

It is our goal to relieve your stress at the start, give you an opportunity to get to know other hikers and start forming your hiker community, and send you on your way with a hug fistbump.  We provide our services at no charge and we do not accept donations.  If you appreciate our help, please help Scout fulfill a dream –  buy and promote Scout’s book Journeys North.

We want everyone who stays with us to know what to expect and to only come if they’re comfortable with the procedures we will follow. If you would like to stay with us, it is important that you read through the website carefully so you know what to expect here and you understand what behaviors we expect of you.

Our sign-up form is under the heading “Signing Up”. It includes an acknowledgement from you that you have read the relevant parts of our website and that you will willingly abide by our expectations.

Please take care, stay safe, and MAKE WISE DECISIONS.