We did not host PCT hikers in 2021. 

We were so sad that the Covid-19 pandemic prevented us from hosting in 2020; we truly missed interacting with all the hikers and volunteers, we missed sharing in the energy and excitement, we missed being helpful.  We consoled ourselves with the thought that we would host in 2021, that we would still have a rewarding final year of hosting.  (We had planned that 2020 would be our final year.)  After all, there was no way the pandemic would last more than a few months, right? But now it is fall of 2021, the delta variant of COVID is running rampant, and we did not host hikers this past spring.


We have not yet decided.

We will make a preliminary decision this fall. Gearing up to host again will not be trivial, partly because it involves having many volunteers willing to help us out. We will assess that and many other factors before we make a decision. We will make a decision and post our plans on this website by mid December.

If we do decide to host hikers in 2022, that of course is contingent upon it being safe for us to do so. This virus has confounded everyone and no one can say if the pandemic will be contained by next spring, so we always reserve the right to cancel.

We are re-posting our webpages with information about what to expect here if we do host in 2022. Below is part of our normal Welcome page. It is for your information only, in case we do host in 2022. Please do not interpret this as any kind of commitment.

If we decide to host hikers in 2022, we will post our sign-up form on this website at that time.

Please take care, stay safe, and MAKE WISE DECISIONS.


We host Pacific Crest Trail hikers before their permit start date – U.S. hikers for one night and international hikers for up to two nights.  We also host section hikers.  We pick hikers up when they arrive in San Diego, give them a place to sleep, feed them home-cooked meals, and drive them to the southern terminus of the PCT early in the morning. Many PCT supporters volunteer time to help us.  In 2019 we hosted over 1200 hikers.

Oh, and to nip confusion in the bud, Scout is male and Frodo is female.  I know, I know….

It is our goal to relieve your stress at the start, give you an opportunity to get to know other hikers and start forming your hiker community, and send you on your way with a hug (though these days we’ll probably use a fistbump).  We provide our services at no charge and we do not accept donations.  If you appreciate our help, please help Scout fulfill a dream –  buy and promote Scout’s book Journeys North, that was released on August 1, 2020.