Other Options

There is a new service being provided by a couple of PCT thru-hikers, that shuttles hikers to the PCT Southern Terminus for $40 each.  They pick you up at the Old Town transit center, then make some helpful stops on the way to the trail.  Their website is here.  Paul and Dee are great – we’ve met with them and were impressed.  They’ve thru-hiked the PCT and CDT and can answer questions.  The amount they’re charging is very reasonable; they are just looking to cover their costs.

If you decide to use public transit (available weekdays only), you should check out Marmalade’s very helpful YouTube video on this topic. 

Across the road from the bus stop at Forest Gate Rd is the Campo Green Store that is much better than a convenience store.  They do sell canister fuel and water. 

It’s a 1.6-mile walk from the bus stop to the southern terminus.  Walk up Forest Gate Road.  Across from the now-closed Youth Detention Center (a bit past the Border Patrol Station) you can get onto the trail itself and continue walking south to the border monument.  See the map below– the orange line that crosses the road a few times is the actual trail.  It actually is on the road for a short while.

There is no lodging available in Campo, but you can camp behind the Campo Green Store.  This is a posting from the “PCT Southern Terminus Trail Angels” Facebook Page:

Lance, the owner of the Green Store, gave me this info today
1. They are located across the street from the bus stop. Walk over and pitch your tent behind the store
2. They will accept hiker packages.
3. They are open every day 8am to 8pm
4. Hikers are welcome to pitch tents, connect to WI-FI and charge devices and use the restroom
5. He has large fuel cans $17 and small $10. He does not see any supply issues and hasn’t run out in the past two years
6. You can have food delivered from the Campo Cafe which he also owns. You can order online just mention you’re a PCT hiker

There is also a campsite closer to the terminus, on the Camp Lockett Event and Equestrian facility.  It is to the east and easy to see about halfway between the Green Store and the Terminus, marked below with a purple X.  They have an area for PCT hikers that includes a couple of picnic tables and a water spigot.  Flush toilets are about 100 yards away.  There is no charge, but donations are appreciated through their website.

One last option – there is a PCT Southern Terminus Trail Angel Facebook page where you can check for offered rides or post that you need a ride.